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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Features | Tools Used
------ | -----
**CSS** | [Sass]( ([Libsass]( via [node-sass](, [Autoprefixer](, [CSSNano](, Source Maps, [Rucksack](
**JavaScript** | Folder to keep all your custom Javscript. As well as Gulp tasks to export JS from node modules and/or Bower.
**HTML** | [Nunjucks](, [gulp-data](
**HTML** | [Nunjucks](, [gulp-data](, [gulp-prettify] (
**Images** | Compression with [imagemin](
**Icons** | Auto-generated [SVG Sprites]( and/or [Icon Fonts](
**Fonts** | Folder and `.sass` mixin for including WebFonts
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